Human and Canine Rescuers of the
World Trade Center 9/11/2001 Tragedy

Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims, the families, and all of those affected by the terrorist's attacks.
This is a tribute to just some of the rescue, recovery, and protection efforts of the Human and Canine teams.

Several search dogs are at the World Trade Center and the Pentagon this week to help the rescue efforts. Here, one of the dogs finds time to rest Saturday in New York while cleanup efforts go on just feet away.

Veterinary doctor Deb Campbell, left, speaks with Officer Peter Davis of the New York Urban Search and Rescue Task Force about his dog Apollo at the veterinary MASH unit Tuesday while Dr. Glen Melrose, right, connects an IV for the dog. The doctors at the New York vet MASH unit are caring for as many as 100 dogs involved in the search.

An unidentified member of an Urban Search and Rescue team works with a dog Saturday in the effort to uncover victims. Shifts of about 20 dogs are working on the toppled buildings site in New York. After their shifts, they are bathed and checked for dehydration, chemical inhalation, and other potential dangers.
(AP Photo/FEMA, Andrea Booher)

A rescue dog is transported from the debris Saturday after searching for trapped bodies in the New York rubble moments earlier.

A canine officer and his dog rest Tuesday after search duty at the site of the World Trade Center terrorist attack.
(AFP PHOTO POOL / Ryan Remiorz)

Ed Apple and his dog Gus with the Tennessee Task Force One Search & Rescue search for survivors in the wreckage at the Pentagon crash site Friday.
(AFP PHOTO/FEMA/Jocelyn Augustino)

K-9 search dogs with their handlers go back to duty after their treatment at a veterinary hospital unit in New York.

Uniformed Secret Service Agent T. Singh and his K-9 partner Rudy inspect a contractor's truck before it enters the White House grounds.

A U.S. military security dog dressed in a waterproof cape patrols with its handler outside the Royal Air Force Lakenheath USAF base in eastern England. U.S. bases are on heightened alert.

John Patrick of the Ohio Department of Natural Resources cries as he sits with his cadaver dog, Guese, inside St. Paul's Episcopal Chapel, near the site of the World Trade Center tower attack. Patrick was taking a break from searching for body parts in the rubble of the tower collapse with his dog.

Massachusetts State Trooper Kathleen Sampson and police dog Rico walk past passengers waiting in line at Logan International Airport's Terminal E.

Additional Information about the rescue, recovery, and protection efforts of the Human and Canine teams.


Muttluks Helps Search and Rescue Dogs in NYC

Muttluks would like to thank everyone (two legged and four legged) who has helped or offered to help the rescue operation and rescue dogs in New York.

Muttluks and Drs. Foster & Smith have donated over 80 sets of Muttluks to the assist the rescue operation in New York. We were unable to ship directly from Canada. The boots were shipped by FedEx on Angel Flight on September 13th with other emergency supplies. We originally heard there were 30 search and rescue dogs. We have subsequently heard the NYPD canine unit has 30 dogs alone, and that there are over 300 search and rescue dogs working.

In response to this information Muttluks sent an additional 750 sets from Canada by FedEx on the 13th.

Muttluks appreciates the numerous offers of financial donations. Please forward any financial donations to your favourite charity or:

The American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund
PO Box 3756
Church Street Station
New York, NY 10008
Or call 1-800-HELP NOW.

Thank you all for kind wishes and support.
Marianne Bertrand
Muttluks Inc.
Thank you all for your kind wishes and support.

A newspaper article about the kind donation:
TORONTO (Reuters) - A Canadian company that makes padded boots for dogs has sent hundreds of pairs to New York police to help protect their canine unit's paws from splintered glass and debris while they help search for bodies in the remains of the World Trade Center.

But because of delays in air transport and tightened security at the Canada-U.S. border, Bertrand said a police escort was needed to get the latest shipment across on this week.

Muttlucks Inc., based in Toronto, has been shipping the boots since Tuesday in response to a request from the New York Police Department.

"This is standard protection for working dogs ... They really need them urgently down there," said Marianne Bertrand, the firm's owner. "Those dogs put their lives before the people they're trying to rescue. They're no different from police and firemen. They need protective gear too."

Bertrand said she was not surprised to receive the order. Hundreds of dogs, assisting police and rescue teams, have been working in the dangerous rubble in New York's financial district.

The boots resemble socks but have padded soles to protect the paws and Velcro straps that fit around the ankles.

"They're like running shoes," Bertrand said.

A dog owner herself, Bertrand began manufacturing the boots after she received a set for her basset hound more than seven years ago. Since then, her company has supplied boots for dogs working in many disaster situations, including the aftermath of the Oklahoma City bombing.

"This has turned into a serious business," she said. "Those dogs will work until they drop. We're elated to be able to do something."

More Additional Information...

On the news, they were saying how many of the dogs will just keep searching until they drop from exhaustion. The Humans would bring water and portable water bowls (I have one for my dog :-) for their dogs. Still, MANY of the dogs were so intense in doing their duty, they had to be treated for dehydration, with intravenous, after the human and dog teams would finished their shift. I can attest that when a dog is having fun or is [b]intense in what they are doing[/b], even with a full water bowl right next to them, it is hard to get them to drink. (Note: Just look at the number of marathon runners that require intravenous at the end of races like the Boston Marathon, to see that the same applies to people.)

The news also reported a story where one dog fell from a beam and then so did the dog's human counterpart in trying to catch the dog. Both of them received just minor cuts, brushed off, and they both went back to searching. Amazing!

There were also reports that the Tampa Fire and Rescue, which has a K-9 Unit, were dispatched on 9/11 at 11am and drove the 19-22 hours up to NYC.

Tribute to just some of the rescue, recovery, and protection efforts of the Human and Canine teams of the 9/11/2001 Tragedy:

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